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Jaret Burkett & Jae Knox

 Naming Trees consists of two members, Jae Knox and Jaret Burkett. Jae spent her young adult years flying by the seat of her pants, frequently wandering through haunted deserts and along the liberating coast of the western United States, searching for herself and someone she could genuinely call home. After a lifetime of practicing the deadly art of being human, Jaret broke the conventional lifestyle mold and went on a worldwide manhunt to find others of his kind. They crossed each other's paths in the summer of 2008 in the most unlikely of places, a small town in West Texas, and moved in together a week later. In the fall of 2010, they decided they had outgrown their small town and, throwing all caution to the wind, moved to Austin, Texas, searching for some mental elbow room.

 Inspired by a deep connection with the earth, the psyche, and the word "freedom", they began composing music about their experiences and ideas about their place in the universe, layering psychedelic textures to create their unique sound. Their music creates a landscape for reflection and asking questions, given their perpetual desire to find all of the answers. Taking on a complete DIY approach, they assembled their musical capabilities through a wide range of instruments, mastered the recording process, and constructed their captivating promotional qualities. The result is their debut album, "Alex".

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