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Fact Sheet

Band Name:   Naming Trees

Members:   Jaret Burkett & Jae Knox

Year Formed:   2008

Home Town:   Midland, TX

Current City:   Austin, TX

Albums:   "Alex" - Released 4-5-11 - Self Released

Genre:   Indie Rock

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Contact Info

Press Contact:
512-769-6582 (Jaret Burkett)

Jaret Burkett:

Jae Knox:

PO Box 82054
Austin, TX 78708

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    Naming Trees is a self-produced, American indie rock band formed in Midland, Texas in 2008, later migrating to Austin, Texas in 2010. The duo consists of Jaret Burkett (vocals, guitar, piano, producer), and Jae Knox (vocals, piano, guitar).

    In 2008, the band began the quest to define their style. After writing and recording songs in various genres such as folk, electronic, rock, and ambient, the band mixed all of the styles that they loved to end up with their unique sound. "We worked really hard to find a style that was a good balance of all the types of music we loved. We both came from very different musical backgrounds, so it was a challenge to work together at first. Once we started clicking, the doors of inspiration blew open," says Jae.

    The band name came from a spiritual experience Jaret had where the trees began talking to him. Their debut album is named Alex, the name of the leader/father of the group of trees that spoke to him. "We are both spiritual psychonauts, always eager to explore the inner mind deeper and deeper. Many of our songs are about our experiences in other planes of reality. Music is the only way to explain the unexplainable," says Jaret.

    Shortly after the release of Alex, the two agreed that they wanted to make their musical endeavor strictly a creative one, and decided to put their entire album on their website for free. A second album is in the works, which is expected to be released late 2011/early 2012.

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Band Photos


Naming Trees - Band Photo 1
Band Photo 1
Naming Trees - Band Photo - Jaeret
Naming Trees - Alex - Album Cove
Alex Album Cover
Naming Trees - Alex - Album Cove
Free Music Picture

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Embed Music

This is the official player for the album Alex. It has every song from the album and a free download link.

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Two individual players of our more popular songs.

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Free Download
Free download widget of our album Alex.




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Royalty Free Music for Youtube Videos, Podcasts and Websites/Blogs

Use our music royalty free for Youtube videos, podcasts and websites/blogs. We would love to have our music available everywhere. We only require that you:
  1. Give us credit with a link to our website.
  2. Email us at to let us know what song you plan on using and what you are using it on.
  3. Send us a copy of the finished work. A physical or digital copy will be fine.
This will not give anyone exclusive rights to our music or allow them to sell our music for profit. Naming Trees reserves the right to demand our music removed from any work at our own discretion. All music is ©2011 Jaret Burkett & Samantha Jae Knox.

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iTunes Link

Alex - Naming Trees

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